Welcome to FuzziMutt Creations; home of plush, crafts, and art by Dia P. Hill— who also goes by "FuzziMutt."


• Latest: SHOP IS OPEN!!

You might notice a brand new menu option: that's right— my shop is now launched!

To clarify, I have officially taken down my etsy store and concentrated my ecommerce right here on the site. It's 100% secure and can safely handle your shipping as well! The items that appear here will be leftover event items that still need homes, any special-occassion or OOAK items I release, and every once in awhile, just some clearance things I really want to see go to someone instead of staring at me in my studio. 😋 Without the networking of etsy. I'll be announcing any new items for sale on social media if you'd like to stay informed; but I may experiement with email/newsletter for those looking for certain items and/or releases.

I've also begun a new employment adventure that will allow me much more studio time; and I hope to really get some neat and new items up and going in the coming months. Thanks for following along!

Upcoming Events

FuzziMutt Creations is taking a little break from conventions specifically, until 2024, at least. This is to readjust after such a long hiatus. There's a chance of smaller, local craft shows as they come, however, so absolutely check back for any announcements!

Past Events

• Furry Weekend Atlanta - 2022

• Midwest Furfest -2019

• Megaplex - 2019

• Furry Weekend Atlanta - 2019