Welcome to FuzziMutt Creations; home of plush, crafts, and art by Dia P. Hill— who also goes by "FuzziMutt."


• Latest: Shop is... Still OPEN!!

June 2024:

Hello! It's been two whole years since opening my shop right here on the website. It has served me well in displaying what Fuzzi things are available to find homes, but I'll admit that things do better at in-person events. I hope to get back to shows and conventions soon.

I would also like to shift to creating different types of plush creations! Some old favorties may get new looks but I'd also like to introduce new types and critters. I've been inspired to try more OOAK things and possibly branching into other media.

I have noticed that I don't really keep much of my digital art on display here on this site and I may be recalibrating a little to incorporate more of it here! You can always see my artwork on my Art Site socials, now found under Links.

As always, thank you for following along!

Upcoming Events

FuzziMutt Creations is still taking a break from conventions specifically, until 2025, at least. This is to readjust after such a long hiatus. There's a chance of smaller, local craft shows as they come, however, so absolutely check back for any announcements!

Past Events

• Furry Weekend Atlanta - 2022

• Midwest Furfest -2019

• Megaplex - 2019

• Furry Weekend Atlanta - 2019