Welcome to FuzziMutt Creations; home of plush, crafts, and art by Dia P. Hill— who also goes by "FuzziMutt."


• April 2022: *Cautiously Returns*

It's certainly been awhile!

Slowly getting back to creating fluffy and fun things again after quite the hiatus. After two+ years of events being halted or going virtual, I will be attempting to get back to it. Online commerce was doing okay toward the beginning, but seemed to taper off as things continued. So I still very much have safety in mind and will be choosing events that adhere to strict safety policies only; but I'd like to start getting back out where my audiences are much stronger.

To adress what is currently happening with makers and Etsy, however; yes, I will be participating in the Etsy Strike beginning April 11th. I am still looking into alternatives to set up shop, but I'm not quite ready to launch my on-site store yet. Please read up about the strike and what it could mean for your favorite crafters and artists who depend on selling their work. I'll be concentrating on stock for my next event and will not being selling online until after, but I will post where to find things accordingly. You can check back here on my website or via social media for more details.

Meanwhile! Gave the site a small overhaul again, optimizing for mobile and smaller screens! Things should flow nicely now. Thanks for coming along for the ride and look forward to neat things coming down the pipeline!

Come See Me!

FuzziMutt Creations will be in the Dealer's Den at Furry Weekend Atlanta; May 5-8, 2022 in Atlanta, GA! This is the first convention after quite a hiatus, but safety and social distancing measures will be observed. I'll have my classic items and some new offerings as well. See you there and follow along on Twitter to stay informed!